Frequently Asked Questions about insulation in NZ

Why do I need to check my property’s insulation?

Within the next three years, every rental property in New Zealand needs to be properly insulated. Many properties throughout the country are not yet up to an adequate standard.

Can’t I check it myself?

You could – but you’d need to do a huge amount of background research to ensure things are up to standard. There’s a lot of regulations and industry information to wade through – by enlisting the services of Retrofit Assess, you’re getting expert knowledge for a low fee, with no agenda to sell you something.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an assessment, providing either a compliance certificate or solutions to get compliant is $99+GST

How long does the inspection take?

Our assessors usually take around 1 hour to perform a full insulation inspection – this will vary depending on the individual property.

What needs to be done?

every house is different – so the recommended plan of action will differ for every property. If your property has been signed off as compliant, we’ll provide you with a certificate of compliance, showing what you need on future tenancy agreements.

If insulation is required, we’ll provide quotations from local, reputable insulation companies. You will then have solutions to choose from and know what the financial situation is going to be, enabling you to make an informed decision.