Guiding you to government insulation scheme compliance

With new legislation on the horizon meaning that all rental properties need to be properly insulated by 2019, there’s a fair bit of work ahead for many landlords and property managers. And while 2019 may seem like a while away, as the date creeps closer, demand for insulation specialists will increase… along with the fees associated with their services. We’re here to get you sorted well ahead of schedule, with the best insulation companies around.

We’ll come to you, and carry out a careful examination of your property. There are so many different styles of houses, from so many different eras, that there’s not one approach that will suit every home.

Our team draws on their years of experience in the building industry, as well as extensive training both with the insulation standards and our own in-house training. We’ll see what needs to be done, and give you all the facts – no hidden agenda.

Once everything’s been assessed, if required, we’ll provide 2–3 quotations from different reputable local insulation companies. That’s multiple options with minimal hassle for you and your tenants – one assessment from us is all you need, rather than each company sending a different guy through the house and disrupt your tenants’ day. Then you’re free to take your pick from the quotations, according to what sounds best to you.

And if your property is already up to standard, we’ll tell you – no sneaky suggestions of anything extra that are actually unnecessary. We’ll even provide you with a compliance certificate so that you’ve got documentation proving that your property meets the insulation standards.

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